Title: Our Threadneedle Street
Client: Canadian Government Travel Bureau
Product: Advertisement
Size: 230m x 370mm
Year: 1967


Product copy

Our Threadneedle Street

Only not so sedate!
Bay Street, Toronto, Canada

Believe it or not, Toronto’s new City Hall, which looks like science fiction, is firmly grounded on one of the world’s most respected financial streets. What the city had in mind, was to give our bankers and brokers and various financial geniuses a view as exciting as the future of the country itself. That it has!

This year, the City Hall is a natural focus for our Centennial celebrations, with Civic Square turning into one of the biggest block parties of all time. There’s singing and dancing and pageants and pretty girls and parades. And the heart of our financial district will beat in time to band music! Like all of Canada.