Title: Princess of Acadia
Client: Canadian Pacific
Product: Brochure
Size: 96mm x 222mm
Year: 1968


Product copy

Princess of Acadia
Bay of Fundy Ferry Service

Between Saint John, New Brunswick and Digby, Nova Scotia

“Princess of Acadia”, operating between Saint John and Digby, provides the most direct east-west route between Nova Scotia and Quebec, Ontario, Western Canada and the U.S. A large, modern ship, she accommodates 120 automobiles-offers fast service, spacious passenger accommodation, attractive observation lounge, meal service, limited day stateroom accommodation.

Automobiles (Pleasure Cars)

When accompanied by at least one passenger holding valid passage ticket.

*$16.00 each way
*$17.50-June 15-Sept. 15
Fares are subject to change.

Personal effects only may be carried in automobiles and the Canadian Pacific cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage of articles left in the automobiles. It is not necessary to empty tanks.

Automobile Reservations

Reservations should be made as much in advance as possible. No refund can be made unless reservation is cancelled three hours prior to departure of the ship.

Payment in full to be made when reservation confirmed.

The Route to History

Plying the waters of the mighty Bay of Fundy, which boasts some of the highest tides in the world, the Princess of Acadia offers travellers an exciting glimpse into Canada’s history. Saint John, her home port, is located in New Brunswick, aptly called Canada’s picture province, and is the oldest incorporated city in Canada. The safe harbour was discovered by Samuel de Champlain and leads to the world-famous Reversing Falls of the St. John River.

The Princess of Acadia sails daily through the Digby Gut on route to Digby harbour, snuggled cozily on the waters of Annapolis Basin, the area where Champlain founded the first permanent settlement in Canada. Here the rock-ribbed cliffs of Nova Scotia give way to the surge of the Fundy and allow entrance to the pastoral Annapolis Valley, gateway to the province that is Canada’s ocean playground.

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