Title: International Competitions Montréal 1975
Client: International Competitions Montréal 1975
Product: Brochure
Size: 105mm x 209mm
Year: 1975


Product copy

Internal Competitions Montréal 75

A sign of welcome

The graphic interpretation of the stylized M depicts Montréal as an international gateway and reaffirms its worldwide standing. The M also represents the stylized movements of the Olympic sports pictograms and suggests strength, competition and a quest for excellence.

Nearly all Olympic sports

Of the 21 official Olympic sports in 1976, only cycling, swimming, basketball and diving are not presented during the International Competitions Montréal 1975. Competition for all the world Foreign athletes will be able to familiarize themselves with the Canadian climate and the sites for the Olympic Games in 1976. Canadian athletes will be able to perfect their skills against stiff international competition.

The Canadian public will have a foretaste of almost all of the Olympic sports.

Competition – an international gateway

International Competitions Montréal 75 will gather 2,500 athletes, team officials and more than 300 journalists from some 60 countries.

It is to meet this challenge that all the energies of the co-ordinating group are channeled. The co-ordinating group is composed of members of the following organizations:

Canadian Olympic Association, Sports Canada
Quebec’s Haut-Commissariat à la Jeunesse, aux
Loisirs et aux Sports,
The Organizing Committee for the 1976 Olympic Games (COJO).
A sporting summer

Most of the competitions will take place in July and August at the same sites as the Olympic competitions in 1976. The first competitions, equestrian sports and volleyball, will take place in June, and the last, weightlifting, in December.