Title: What is Expo 67?
Client: Canadian Corporation for the 1967 World Exhibition
Product: Brochure
Size: 92mm x 228mm
Year: 1967


Product copy

What is Expo 67?

Expo 67 will be the brightest international jewel in Canada’s Centennial crown. Perhaps now, while you are in an exhibition mood, is the best time to read about this exhibition which is now a-building in Montreal and which will be the biggest and best the world has ever seen.

Expo 67 is an International and Universal Exhibition of the first category, sanctioned by the International Exhibitions Bureau in Paris. It is the first such event to be held, not only in Canada, but in the Western Hemisphere. There has never been an International and Universal Exhibition like Expo 67. It is Canada’s invitation to the world to come to our 100th anniversary of Confederation.

Expo 67 will open on April 28, 1967, and, according to the I.E.B. rules for world exhibitions, will close its doors six months later, on October 27.

Expo 67 is a Canadian-directed undertaking of world importance. On a 1,000-acre site in mid-stream of the mighty St. Lawrence directly across from Montreal Harbor, Canada will be showing her best to the world and the world will be showing the best it has to offer to Canada. And the world is coming to Expo 67! As you read this, there are already more than 55 nations from six continents, including the U.S.A., the U.S.S.R., France and Britain, who have signified their intention of participating. This is a record for the number of nations to participate at an exhibition of this kind. In addition, many Canadian industries will be exhibitors at Expo 67.

Expo 67 is being planned and built around a central theme – “Man and His World”. It will show man’s past achievements and what he hopes to achieve in the future. The theme is being developed along four principal lines Man the Explorer, Man the Creator, Man the Producer and Man in the Community. There will be special pavilions throughout the site, separate and distinct from the pavilions of the participating nations, where these theme lines will be developed. Examples: Man the Creator will be centred around a $2,000,000 art gallery now under construction which will contain close to 150 of the world’s masterpieces. Man the Explorer will place man in the environment of the Polar regions and the oceans that are Canada’s heritage. The theme of Man and His World will also be found in many of the national pavilions.

Expo 67 will have much to offer for the fun-seeker. While the theme buildings, the national pavilions and the exhibits of private industry will be entertaining and educational, reflecting the world of man and his accomplishments, there will also be plenty of straight-forward merriment on the site. The entertainment program at Expo 67 is one of the most ambitious ever planned – a continuing festival of the performing arts – from opera through jazz and from ballet through the dance fad of 1967 (whatever that may be). There will be special sporting events, military tattoos, ice spectaculars, horse shows and water sports.

Expo 67 will also feature La Ronde. A recreation centre with rides, pavilions, restaurants and a marina, covering close to 130 acres, La Ronde will rival, if not surpass, Copenhagen’s famous Tivoli.

Expo 67 is Canada’s six-month long birthday party. See you there!