Title: Montréal ’67, January
Client: City of Montréal
Product: Magazine
Size: 232mm x 283mm
Year: 1967


Product copy

A special year

For Canada and Montreal, 1967 is much more than just a new year.

At the same time annually, it is a tradition to engage in crystal ball gazing in an effort to uncover the secrets of the 12 months ahead. This year, even though the crystal ball maintains some of its aura of mystery, it is easy nonetheless to forecast a good deal about 1967 insofar as our city and our country are concerned.

Millions of citizens from other nations will come to Canada to participate in celebrations marking the centenary of Confederation in Canada. They will go to one or more of the provinces forming the Canadian federation to call on relatives, friends, to re-visit places which remain dear to them. Others simply will seek to know our country and our people better.

All these visitors eventually will come to Montreal to participate in one of the most extraordinary moments of their lives. This is not exaggeration.

It is not just a city awaiting them in Montreal, big and beautiful as my city is. What they will find here in the islands of Expo 67 is an international inventory of contemporary man. Eighty governments – those of Canada’s provinces added to the 70 nations represented – are participating in Expo and assuring its success. It is an event without parallel, given the scope of participation.

Among the millions of visitors to whom Montreal will play host will be at least 50 heads-of-state. It is an honor and a joy for Montreal to welcome them and preparations already are underway to celebrate their presence. Such a welcome obviously is a tribute to their personal prestige but it is more, for each will bring the friendship of his people. And we always are deeply moved by words and facts which express sentiments of brotherly love.

For Canada and for Montreal, 1967 is much more than merely 365 days. Each of us will live these days so intensely that they will count for more than that.

Long after Dec. 31, 1967 will continue to wield an influence, a magic, a magnetism which will make the significance of the year live on in the years to come.

In all of the world, 1967 will be Canada’s year and Montreal’s year. Beyond borders and beyond jurisdictions, I send a personal message of gratitude to those who, in their thoughts, will join in our celebrations. In our thoughts, you, too, will be part of us throughout these happy days.

Mayor Jean Drapeau
Mayor of Montreal

Message of His Excellency Pierre Dupuy, C.M.G., Ambassador and Commissioner General for the 1967 World Exhibition

On the threshold of the New Year which, in Canadian eyes, will be historical because of the Centennial of Confederation and, in the eyes of the world, because of the exhibition, allow me to express my heartiest thanks to the authorities of the participating countries for the welcome extended to me on my numerous visits, as well as the wish that, in the light of our joint achievement, it may become clear to the millions of visitors that what divides men is less important than that which unites them.

Au revoir.

Front cover: The flag of Expo 67, the first officially sanctioned world exhibition ever to be held in America, leads off the flags of the participating nations, appearing in the order in which they announced participation.

Back cover: Amusement area of La Ronde, paralleling Tivoli and Disneyland, takes shape on site of Expo 67, with spectacular Gyrotron ride in right foreground, in photograph taken at close of summer.

Photo: Expo commissioner-general Pierre Dupuy, who met with most world leaders, is seen here with U Thant, secretary-general of the United Nations.