Title: Official Guide
Client: Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXI Olympiad
Product: Booklet
Size: 109mm x 208mm
Year: 1976


Product copy

Official Guide
A watcher’s companion

How to use the Guide

Whether you’re at the Olympic Games or watching the events on television, this Guide will increase your understanding of what is taking place.

The material on each sport will give you background information and pointers to improve your comprehension of what you’re seeing.

The sections devoted to the events in each sport are designed for quick reference. Those for which records are kept show, wherever possible, the result of the first comparable Olympic Games and the result of the event at Munich in 1972. In many cases, these results can also be compared with the world record (WR), the Olympic record (OR), the Canadian Open record (COR) and the Canadian Native record (CNR). Whether or not a new world or Olympic record is established at the Games, you can be certain most of the Canadian open records will be broken.

Percentages given after Olympic records indicate the improvement achieved since the first comparable event of the modern games.

By entering the names of the winners and the results in the spaces provided, you can create your own personal souvenir of the 1976 Montreal Games.

The Guide is also a quick reference source for identifying Games’ personnel by uniform, athletes by country, tourist information, emergency telephone numbers and countries with consulates in Montreal.

It should prove to be your most useful guide to the Olympic Games and the most cherished memento of the time when Montreal real played host to the world.