Title: CNgineering
Client: Canadian National Railways
Product: Advertisement
Size: 213mm × 276 mm
Year: 1966


Product copy

CNgineering a bold new approach to total distribution costs

At CN, transportation means a lot more than just pick-up, carry and drop-off. It means being fully integrated into the shipper’s distribution pattern. By delivering his product – not only at the right place in the right quantities at the right time. But at the lowest total cost. Because anything less means missed opportunities, dissatisfied customers, lost sales.

So CNgineering settles for nothing less. It puts all the many skills of CN people to work. To meet the challenge of right place, right time, right quantities, right price.

These skills include scientists, mathematicians, engineers, pricing experts, equipment specialists, systems analysts, and many others. All working to find the right answer.

CNgineering recognizes that there’s a big difference between lowest freight costs and lowest total distribution costs. So CNgineering takes a systems approach to the problem. To find that lowest total cost. To give shippers tomorrow’s freight service today.

And to keep CN the up-to-tomorrow freightway.