Title: Plaza of Nations
Client: 1986 World Exposition
Product: Brochure
Size: 149mm x 230mm
Year: 1986


Product copy

Plaza of Nations

The first structure on the site of
The 1986 World Exposition

Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
May 2 – October 13, 1986

October 7th, 1982.

An auspicious occasion. William R. Bennett, Premier of the Province of British Columbia, officially dedicates the Plaza of Nations, the first structure on the site of Expo 86. Four years from now, it will bear the flags of all the nations, all the provinces and states, all the cities and corporations who are participating.

Between now and then, it will be a vantage point from which visiting dignitaries can view the site.

To date, 12 nations, 2 provinces and 1 corporation have announced their committed participation: Britain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Senegal, Dominica, St. Vincent, Kenya, Montserrat, Peru, Indonesia, the United States, Canada, Ontario, Quebec and Canadian National. No recent World Exposition has achieved such support so far ahead of opening day.

The Premier ceremonially puts in place a surveyor’s stake, symbolizing the beginning of the construction stage of Expo 86.

Four years from now, in October 1986, Expo 86 will be drawing to a successful conclusion.

British Columbians will look back on their transportation and communications exposition with pride.

We will remember a World Event that far surpassed our expectations.

We will have made 13 million people feel welcome and entertained thousands of dignitaries.

We will be basking in the warmth of international recognition and applause.

And we will be saying that Expo 86 was indeed an exposition to remember.

A great beginning for a great World Exposition. Expo 86 is organizing now for success. Further information may be obtained by writing:

Public Affairs
Expo 86
P.O. Box 1986
Station “A”
Vancouver, B.C.
Canada V6C 2X5

The 1986 World Exposition is sponsored by the Government of Canada and organized and operated by a Crown Corporation of the Government of British Columbia.