Title: Red, White & Blue Fares
Client: Canadian National Railways
Product: Brochure
Size: 88mm x 192mm
Year: 1976


Product copy

CN’s New Red, White and Blue Fare Plan
Effective February 1, 1976

What’s the new plan?

The “New Red, White and Blue” is a plan developed to expand incentive fare opportunities for more travellers. It retains the famous Red, White and Blue system of differentiated fares, with built-in savings. The new system provides the best travel benefits when you travel at off-peak periods.

What’s the difference between Red, White and Blue Fares?

Red fares-BARGAIN-offer the biggest savings of all. White fares-ECONOMY mean worthwhile savings. Blue fares – STANDARD are attractive too. See sample fares in this folder and make your travel plans accordingly.

How does the new plan work?

Travellers have a choice of two fares: Red and White during the OFF SEASON, White and Blue during the ON SEASON. CN has appropriately colored its calendar to help you save. Consult the Red, White and Blue calendar and accompanying explanations in this folder. Then, choose a departure date or time to take advantage of the lowest fare available by travelling during the OFF-PEAK periods.

Where do these fares apply?

ON CN lines throughout Canada(except Newfoundland). For fares in Newfoundland, consult your Travel Agent or CN Passenger Sales Office.

What about Dayniter, sleeping and club car accommodations?
Red, White and Blue fares are one-way fares and entitle you to a coach seat. There are extra charges for Dayniter, sleeping and club car accommodations. It may be more convenient to purchase transportation and reserved accommodations for both the going and return trip at the same time to be sure of your return reservations.

What about meals?

Club car passengers will be provided with meals, without additional charge, during meal hours. Sleeping car, dayniter and coach passengers are invited to purchase meals or snacks in meal service cars.

Are stopovers permitted?

Yes, indeed.

Are there savings for children?

Yes. A child five years of age but under 12 will pay one half of the applicable adult fare. A child under five years of age will be carried free.

Are there any other savings available?

Yes. If you are 65 years of age or over and upon presentation of a CN 65 Identification Card or any other acceptable identification document such as your National Health and Welfare old age security card, birth certificate, driver’s license, etc., you are entitled to discounts of 20% OFF Red Fares, 15% OFF White Fares and 10% OFF Blue Fares.

There are also worthwhile savings for groups of 15 adults or more travelling together. Groups of 15 to 34 will be given a discount of 10%, groups of 35 to 69 will be given a discount of 15% and groups of 70 or more will be given a discount of 20% OFF the applicable Red, White or Blue fare, except during the Christmas-New Year holiday period when a discount of 10% only will be available.

These discounts apply anywhere on CN lines (except in Newfoundland) when the regular adult Red fare is $6.00 or more.

Special plans apply on CN’s Roadcruiser bus service in Newfoundland.

For more details, consult your travel agent or CN passenger sales office. Plan ahead and save with CN’s new Red, White and Blue Fare Plan.