Title: VIA CN
Client: VIA Rail Canada
Product: Ticket holder
Size: 96mm x 204mm
Year: 1977


Product copy



If you cannot make trip on train and date specified, please cancel reservation immediately.

Checked baggage is not handled at all stations, nor on all trains. Ask CN agent for details.

The Railway accepts limited liability in case of loss of or damage to baggage. Consult CN agent regarding additional coverage.

Oversize baggage, skis and ski poles must not be taken aboard Turbos.

It is forbidden to consume personal liquor on trains and any alcoholic beverages purchased on board must be consumed in the premises where they are served. Our employees are required to enforce these regulations.

To make your trip more enjoyable CN has designated SMOKING and NO SMOKING areas in coaches, dayniters, club cars and railiners. When boarding your train, please look for the NO SMOKING signs. NO SMOKING regulations are strictly enforced and we would appreciate your cooperation.