Title: New round-trip
Client: VIA Rail Canada
Product: Brochure
Size: 95mm x 221mm
Year: 1976


Product copy

New round-trip

New VIA round-trip excursion fares

VIA invites you to travel off-peak and save. For a round trip you pay only the standard one-way Blue fare plus one-tenth.

To suit your needs, we are offering you 7 to 30-day and one-day round-trip excursion fares.

These two fare plans are available any day except during certain holiday periods (October 8 to 11 incl., December 15 to January 5 incl., April 7 to 11 incl. and May 20 to 23 incl.) until May 31, 1977.

Stopovers are not allowed.

A minimum of $4.00 for the round trip applies.

Children from 5 to 11 years of age will be charged one-half of the adult round-trip fare.

See how you can take advantage of these travel bargains.

7 to 30-day round-trip excursion fares

Territory: Between all stations in Canada (except Newfoundland) on all trains outside the Corridor, also for journeys to, through or beyond the Corridor. (See map).

Limits: Return trip must not commence before seven or after thirty days from date of departure, as well as during the holiday periods described above. Apply in coaches. Dayniter, club car and sleeping car accommodations may be purchased, at regular rates, in conjunction with these new fares.

Validity: Reservations are required for travel in Dayniters, club and sleeping cars, as well as in coaches on some trains. These reservations must be made for the going and returning journeys before excursion tickets can be purchased.

One-day round trip excursion fares

Territory: From all stations in the Corridor (see map) to the following destinations: Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Ste. Foy (Quebec City).

Limits: Passengers must commence their return journey prior to midnight of the day on which their tickets are valid. Apply in coaches only.

Validity: Tickets are honoured on all trains provided travel does not commence between 1601 and 1830 hours. They are also good for travel on trains 24 and 25 between Montreal and Sainte-Foy (Quebec City).

Effective October 1, 1976
(Subject to change)