Title: Beers and ales of Canada
Client: Canadian Corporation for the 1967 World Exhibition
Product: Menu
Size: 154mm x 254mm
Year: 1967


Product copy

Beers and ales of Canada

Brewers pavilion expo67

The breweries of Canada, sponsors of this pavilion, are proud to offer these fine beers and ales for your enjoyment.

60 brands of canadian beers and ales
bottled beer .50
draught beer (small stein) .25
draught beer (large stein) .50

beck brewing company limited
beck’s pilsener beer

canadian breweries limited
the bennett brewing company limited
dominion ale

calgary brewing and malting company limited
calgary stock ale
calgary beer
golden west beer

the carling breweries limited
red cap ale
black label beer
old country ale
jubilee porter
cinci lager beer
pilsener (b.c.)
standard lager
charrington toby
brading ale

dow brewery limited
dow ale
kingsbeer lager beer
black horse ale
champlain porter

o’keefe brewing company limited
bohemian maid
o’keefe ale
tavern pilsener
old vienna lager beer
holiday lager beer
blended ale

doran’s northern ontario breweries limited
northern ale
doran’s lager beer

formosa spring brewery limited
hunt club cream lager
formosa bock beer

Interior breweries limited
kokanee pilsener beer

labatt breweries of canada limited
50 ale
pilsener lager beer
india pale ale
draft in bottle
skol international beer
gold keg beer
extra stock ale

lucky lager breweries limited
lucky lager

bavarian brewing limited
blue star

pelissier’s brewing limited
country club

the kiewel brewing company limited
white seal

molson breweries limited
coast to coast
molson export ale
molson canadian lager beer

india beer
india pale ale

laurentide ale
molson porter

molson golden ale
molson stock ale

frontier beer

bohemian lager

molson edmonton export beer
lethbridge pilsner
lethbridge beer

british columbia
old style beer

moosehead breweries limited
moosehead pale ale
alpine lager beer

oland and son limited
oland’s export ale
oland’s schooner beer

tartan brewing limited
tartan pilsner