Title: The World Festival
Client: Canadian Corporation for the 1967 World Exhibition
Product: Brochure
Size: 88mm x 178mm
Year: 1967


Product copy

The World Festival

Programme of performing arts and activities
The Universal and international exhibition of 1967

What do you wear to a World Festival of entertainment?

A big smile. With more than 150 different attractions coming to Montreal for Expo 67’s entertainment festival, there’s a whole lot to make you happy.

Expo 67 is the abbreviated title of the Universal and International Exhibition of 1967 . . . the only one of the “first category” ever authorized in the Americas by the International Exhibitions Bureau. Its theme is “Man and His World”, and from April 28-October 27, more than 70 countries will gather on the Exhibition’s beautiful site-two islands in the middle of the mighty St. Lawrence River-to show how man has struggled and prospered in his environment.

But “Man and His World” means leisure, too, and Expo’s World Festival of entertainment will present the best the world can offer in music, dance, drama, sports and spectaculars.

Included in the program will be the Bolshoi Opera, the Australian Ballet, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, the Vienna Philharmonic, Cameri Theatre of Israel, Kabuki Theatre of Japan, the National Theatre of Great Britain, the Canadian Armed Forces Tattoo, and performing artists from around the world.

To house this six-month spectacular, the World Festival has four theatres and a 25,000-seat stadium that will accommodate audiences in luxurious comfort. The Place des Arts theatre complex in downtown Montreal includes the Salle Wilfrid Pelletier, with 3,000 seats, the Théâtre Maisonneuve, with 1,300 seats, and the 800-seat Théâtre Port Royal. On the Expo site, there is the 2,000-seat Expo Theatre and the giant, 25,000-seat Automotive Stadium, where all arena sports events and outdoor spectaculars will be held.

To save you money, the theatres and the stadium are all accessible without passing through Expo’s main gate. A ticket to the performance is all you’ll need. And after the show, your ticket stub will let you visit La Ronde, Expo’s amusement area, for some late evening dining and dancing.

World Festival

For a detailed list of the attractions, dates, seating plans of the theatres and stadium, ticket prices and box office order form, complete the attached card and mail it today.

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