Title: On the Viscount… an Emblem of Leadership!
Client: Trans-Canada Air Lines
Product: Advertisement
Size: 254mm x 359mm
Year: 1955

Designer: Grant Tigner (Painting)


Product copy

On the Viscount… an Emblem of Leadership!

Painting “TCA” on the VISCOUNT marks a new era of comfortable air travel not only for Canada but for North America.

The VISCOUNT is news-and no other aircraft like it has flown on North American airlanes prior to its introduction by TCA. Designed by Vickers Armstrongs Ltd., powered by four Rolls-Royce Dart propeller turbine-engines, the VISCOUNT offers exceptionally quiet almost vibration-free flight-proven in 2 years brilliant performance on European air routes.

The VISCOUNT was selected by TCA after long and intensive study, to do a particular job, and do it well, on medium and short-range routes. The placing of an order for 15 aircraft in 1952, followed by an order for another 7, was a major step forward in TCA’s long-range plan of expansion to meet the requirements of constantly increasing travel by air.

In thus providing leadership to the airline industry of this Continent TCA adds to the record which has earned its reputation as “One of the World’s Great Airlines”.

The Viscount goes into service on Canada-U.S. and Canadian intercity this month.