Title: Netherlands Pavilion
Client: Government of the Netherlands
Product: Brochure
Size: 78mm x 230mm
Year: 1967


Product copy

Welcome everyone

Feel free to wander through this building and get better acquainted with the people of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The Netherlands are (Sorry: IS) a country full of culture

The country’s cultural heritage and present-day activities in all aspects of arts, sciences and sports, as depicted on a 50 x 15 ft. wall.

Amsterdam – the country’s capital, the most cosmopolitan Dutch city and Holland’s largest industrial centre. Called the”Venice of the North”, it has a particular appeal to tourists.

Rotterdam – Europoort

The world’s busiest port where some 130 million tons of goods are handled annually. Its activities go on along an 18-mile stretch of harbour and industrial sites bordering the New Waterway, the lock-free connection with the North Sea.

Dutch industries account for over 40% of the country’s national income. Depending on imports of raw materials from abroad, and a high degree of professional skill, they are primarily processing industries, ranging all the way from blast furnaces to the manufacture of minute precision instruments.

Holland – Gateway to Europe

The country’s geographic location at the junction of water, land and air routes has made it the natural transportation centre of Western Europe.

Traditional Holland is the only part of the picture we intend to draw for you – a picture of a country still vigorously building for its future.

The Delta Project – a continuation of the eternal struggle against the sea. Large barrier dams between the heads of the islands in southwestern Holland will shorten the North Sea coast line by some 435 miles. This 700-million dollar project will be completed by 1980.

The Haringvliet barrier will be one of the most important links in this new defence system.

Contemporary Art and Music in the Netherlands Pavilion

Changing exhibitions of contemporary painting, sculpture and graphic art; contemporary Dutch music.

Surinam & Netherlands Antilles

Surinam, or Dutch Guiana (in Latin America) and the six Caribbean islands known as the Netherlands Antilles are autonomous partners in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Each has its own government and elected parliament.