Title: Canada
Client: Canadian Government Travel Bureau
Product: Reply mail
Size: 101mm x 229mm (folded)
Year: 1971


Product copy


Canada is so large, its people so diverse that it offers vacation variety. To obtain detailed information on the attractions events of any of Canada’s Provinces on Territories – places you would like to go, sights you would like to see, things you would like to do – just drop a line to any of these addresses. We’ll be glad to see you.

In response to your kind enquiry, we are delighted to send you the enclosed literature. Naturally, it can touch only lightly on the exciting things you can do and the places you can see in Vacation Nation Canada.

If you would like complete details of specific events, vacation spots, clothes to bring, camping equipment, etc., your local travel agent will gladly help. And if you have friends, neighbours or relatives who would like to visit Canada too, just fill in the coupons inside, pop them in the mail to us, and we’ll be glad to see they get literature similar to that we’ve sent you.

But whether you come with a group or alone, you’ll get a hearty Canadian-style welcome that will put you at ease in city, resort or along the way. We hope you will find the material we’ve sent you both interesting and helpful and that you’ll be able to use it this year.

Vacation Nation Canada invites you and your friends to come soon.