Title: CBC Learning Systems presents… The Canadian Collection
Client: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Product: Booklet
Size: 150mm x 230mm
Year: 1970s


Product copy

CBC Learning Systems presents…
The Canadian Collection

This catalogue includes all CBC recordings currently available including those previously catalogued along with sixty-seven additions. The new releases are indicated by an asterisk (*).

All records are 12-inch LP’s, engineered to meet the highest standards and originally produced by the CBC for broadcast on its own network in Canada and on stations overseas. The records are produced by the Music Department of the CBC’s English Services Division (identified by prefixes “SM” or “LM”); and by Radio-Canada International, the CBC’s external service (prefix “RCI”).

Included are CBC recordings of Canadian artists performing international repertoire and works by Canadian composers. The Canadian Collection also includes jazz recordings which are listed separately immediately following the “SM” and “RCI” sections of the catalogue.

The Canadian Collection of recordings is distributed exclusively by CBC Learning Systems/Publications, Toronto. The price per record is indicated on the enclosed order form, subject to change without notice, plus postage and handling. Cash customers please see table below. Cost plus handling, on each order, will be billed to institutions using standard purchase order forms.

When ordering, be sure to give the record number, in each case, followed by the name of the performing artist or group (for example: SM-93/Judy Loman, harp). Enclose cheque or money order covering price plus postage and handling and made payable to Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (please do not send cash through the mail).

Address all orders or inquiries to:

CBC Learning Systems/Publications,
P.O. Box 500, Station “A”, Toronto, Ontario. M5W 1E6