Title: CBC Current Affairs Handbook
Client: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Product: Booklet
Size: 100mm x 152mm
Year: 1979


Product copy

CBC Current Affairs Handbook


The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is a public service. It belongs to all Canadians and, throughout parliament, is accountable to them. Under the terms of the Broadcasting Act, which defines its trusteeship and mandate, the CBC is guaranteed programming and administrative autonomy and freedom of action in performing its broadcasting functions. But there is no autonomy without restraint and no freedom without obligation – the price of any form of independence.

The independence conferred by law on the CBC is not an end in itself, but the prerequisite for its proper functioning as a public broadcasting organization. The CBC is intended to have the freedom to develop standards and to work within its resources without being subjected to bias or prejudice or the improper use of power exerted through official or other channels. Otherwise the objectives of the Corporation are hazarded. Some of these objectives are outlined in the Broadcasting Act (see extract in Appendix A) and other, which are more specific, are formulated by the Directors of the Corporation and its Management.


This handbook has been developed in consultation with the ESD program policy office and with our Corporate legal office as a guide for Current Affairs Supervisors. Producers, Researchers, Story Editors and other production staff. It is a supplement to, and not a replacement of, the Red Book of “Program Policies”, which should be read and used by all CBC employees concerned with programming. Major revisions of the Red Book will be reflected in later editions of this handbook.

We have made the handbook small enough so that you can carry it readily in your pocket, or briefcase or handbag. PLEASE USE IT!

Robin Taylor
Area Head
Television Current Affairs
May, 1979

Information Programing

Contents of this Handbook:

  1. Continuity and Change in Canadian Society
  2. National Unity
  3. Fairness and Objectivity
  4. Program Research
  5. Obtaining and Handling of Program Material
  6. Payments to MP’s, Senators, MP’s and other public officials
  7. Copyright
  8. Politics and Elections
  9. Libel
  10. Contempt of Court
  11. Court Reporting
  12. Official Secrets
  13. What To Do About A Serious Complaint
  14. Index