Title: When a husband travels
Client: Trans-Canada Air Lines
Product: Advertisement
Size: 264mm x 340mm
Year: 1963


Product copy

When a husband travels…

She knows how important business trips are in the career of a dynamic young man like her husband. So she makes good use of the time he’s away for her own feminine pursuits. A few friends for tea, important shopping, a fashion or art show. But oh! How lovely tonight to have Gordon home. Especially the way TCA brings him – rested, relaxed and eager for her sight. In a peaceful DC-8 cabin, a comfortable easy-chair seat, he’s had a quiet time to evaluate his trip, to relax from hectic pressure – to let his heart and thoughts race homeward. Of course she understands about business trips – and is glad TCA makes them so easy, so pleasant for the VIP in her life.

“When a Lady Travels” – for her trip, TCA offers this free booklet at ticket offices, travel agents, or by writing TCA Box 598, Montreal 3, P.Q.