Title: What are you doing this weekend?
Client: Canadian Government Travel Bureau
Product: Advertisement
Size: 264mm x 348mm
Year: 1969


Product copy

What are you doing this weekend?

Why not visit a foreign country?

One you don’t have to make a federal case about (shots, passports, fuss). Canada. We don’t have 4,000 miles of undefended border for nothing, and we are expecting you. For 2 months, 2 days, or as long as you can. Let us give you a sample weekend.

An easy day’s drive from upstate New York, for instance, is the north shore of Lake Ontario, the St. Lawrence River, and the “Heritage Highway” that leads east to French-Canada, and west to old Upper Canada.

That’s where Toronto is: big city sightseeing, shopping and nightlife.

That’s where Gananoque is: a Charming resort area and “Gateway to the Thousands Islands”, with boats leaving every hour.

That’s where Old Fort Henry is: the precision-trained Guard are still executing the drills and artillery salutes of the original British garrison. They still shoot off the old muzzle-loading cannon. The fife and drum corps still plays.

We have hundreds of weekends for you. There’s the weekend that takes you cruising from Tacoma or Seattle up through British Columbia’s beautiful Gulf Islands, with a little bit of Old England (Victoria) thrown in for good measure.

There’s the weekend that takes you from your eastern seaboard to ours… New Brunswick or Nova Scotia or Prince Edward Island or (with an extra day) Newfoundland.

Each province is a different kind of weekend.

Why don’t you visit us for a couple of days? In 2 days we’ll do our best to make you a lifetime fan.


The Signal Hill Tattoo Guard (above) re-enacts history in ancient regimental uniforms. Signal Hill, Newfoundland, is also where Guglielmo Marconi received the world’s first tans-Atlantic wireless message. A lot of famous people did famous things here in Canada. Who, where, what, why and how will follow, if you just fill out this coupon.